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Our protagonist. As if life wasn’t hard enough as a closeted transgender teen, apparently some kind of apocalypse type thing is happening and oh yeah, she has superpowers now. But only when she transforms, which kind of makes her a magical girl.


A cyborg tinker on the run from her ex-girlfriend who apparently wants her dead. Also she might be up to something.


Sabrina’s best friend. An aspiring journalist, practicing misanthrope and general begrudgingly curious mind.


Charlie is kind of a mystery. She disappeared for a while, and now’s she’s back. She seems to take everything in stride, but that could just be because she’s cool. Then again, maybe she knows more about what’s going on than she wants you to think.


Just a voice inside Sabrina’s head. Or not? Just wants to help. Probably.


Some kind of superhuman bioweapon or something? She’s not big on sharing personal details, but she does have a soft spot for Sabrina.


He’s the sort of charming that makes you certain he’s hiding something. Something other than being a transdimensional superhuman, that is.


A telekinetic, mind-reading warrior from another dimension. She just wants to go home.


Everybody wants her. Who is she? What is she?

The Celestial

Mysterious, powerful, possibly evil. He controls the most dangerous gang in the city, and can apparently see the future?

Miss Murder

The silent assassin. She can teleport, which makes the assassin thing much easier. She works for the Celestial, but she doesn’t seem happy about it.


Veronica’s younger sister. Fiercely protective of Sabrina, angry at the world, fond of sleeping.


Friends with Veronica and Sabrina. He’s in a band, which is pretty cool.