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2 Years of Impact Day

I can’t believe this has actually been running for 2 years! That’s a lot of posts, and a lot of story. If you’ve stuck with it for this long, thank you!

I started Impact Day because of a story I had stuck in my head. For about a decade. The first novel I ever tried to write was called No Longer Human, and it went through 14 rewrites. I still have every version. I was a pretty bad writer back then. I’m a much better writer now, but I hope I can look back in another 10 years and feel the same way.

Anyway, NLH kept growing, and became bloated and messy, as my ideas grew, and I tried to jam them all into one story, that became a trilogy, then a quadrilogy, and then a hot mess of books. I even wrote a same universe book, the first I self published, called Morning Star. It’s no longer canon, and I don’t sell it anymore. I’ll get back to that, though.

Impact Day served a lot of purposes for me. Regular content releases seemed like a good idea for a master procrastinator. It forced me to finish things, and not edit constantly, and be happy with getting thing out in a timely fashion. And it sure did help with that! You can tell by the complete lack of editing and copious spelling, grammar and continuity errors in the early stuff, and even in some of the stuff today. I don’t edit it.

At first, it wasn’t ~important~. It was something I did on the side, a writing exercise, and if people enjoyed it, great! If they didn’t, well, it wasn’t for them, anyway. But after two years, I can’t honestly say that anymore. I’ve put a lot of love and hard work into this story, and it means a lot to me. I hope it means something to you, as well.

It’s been interesting, working with the pacing of a story that updates bit by bit, rather than a whole contained novel. It definitely changes the way I approach storytelling. You might even be able to tell the difference, since the first half of Volume 2 is largely cannibalised from No Longer Human. That story got renamed to Dead Girls Don’t Cry after about 11 drafts, and is now Volume 2 of Impact Day, with a lot of changes. And the pacing, style and content are all quite different to Volume 1.

How much do I have planned? I couldn’t tell you. There’s definitely a Volume 3, and that kind of wraps up the small-scale story of Impact Day. By the time we get there, though, there are a lot of new questions that need answering. So there’s a Volume 4 in the works as well. After that? I dunno. That’s another couple of years away, at least. I’ve got time. There’s definitely a big plan for the universe, though.

Whatever happens next, I’m going to be putting a lot more work into this story, this world, this creation. I hope that you’ll get something out of it, and continue to enjoy it, I hope you’ll engage, and I hope you’ll support it.

Thanks for reading, and remember,

I love you.


Wait, where’s today’s update?

Hello! Starting today, Impact Day is on hiatus. I don’t know when I’ll resume it again, but it won’t be long, I’m having far too much fun.

While we’re on a break, though, I thought I’d tell you a bit more about the project. You know, if you’re interested. I’m not forcing you to stick around. Or…

No, that would be rude.

The main reason I started Impact Day was because I wanted something to keep me writing on a regular basis. I had the story sitting in my head, and it felt like a perfect fit. The updates were short and focused, which made it easy to maintain them, and even double my productivity in Part 2. The pace felt good, just managing to put a little work out each week.

Of course, with the brevity came a lot of areas that I kind of had to brush past, and I figured now might be a good time to clear a few things up.

First, for the record, Sabrina is both trans, and a woman of colour. I kind of wanted to make that more obvious, but I also wanted it to feel like it wasn’t a big deal, because really, that shouldn’t be a big deal. But, right now, visibility is more important.

I only realised after I’d written it how uncomfortable it was that, despite being a woman of colour, Sabrina was only ‘powerful’ when she used Zoe’s power. Without the knowledge I have as the creator, I left the audience with a character who became more powerful by being white. I actually bumped up last week’s reveal because I was so unhappy with that. The Sabrina in my head is leagues ahead of where she is at the start of the story, but again, visibility.

Anyway, that aside, I hope you’ve been enjoying the story! It’s still got a long way to go, and I’d love for you to stick around for the ride.  Ultimately, I’ll probably re-write and novelise the story, but it won’t be the same.

I’m also looking to expand the media styles I use for this (art, music, audio recordings, small interactive pieces) but right now, finances limit that. If you want to contribute though, please get in touch!

If you have enjoyed it, and want me to keep writing it, I’d really appreciate if you could share it around, get more people reading it. Also, if you can, financial support makes a big difference. You can support me monthly on patreon or purchase anything from my store. It means a lot.

Also, if you have any questions, feel free to ask! I will aim to answer any and all questions sent my way.