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Impact Day is an ongoing, web-based narrative by Snow McNally.

…what, you wanted more than that?

It’s a story about a teenage superhero in a messed up world.

Okay, fine. But there may be spoilers. You could just as easily go read it…

Volume 1 – Impact Day

Impact Day begins when a rift opens up, and a ship from another world crashes into the heart of Melbourne. Now, superhumans walk the city, a strange virus is turning people into hyperaggressive zombies, gangs vie for control against a heavy military presence and a masked vigilante stands against it all.

Sabrina, a teenage trans girl, wakes up in the middle of this, suddenly in possession of a new power that she doesn’t understand, and a voice in her head trying to guide her actions.

Volume 1.5 – Roxie

What happens after death? Who are the Reapers? Just what is going on behind the scenes as superhuman warriors travel between dimensions? Roxie has a front row seat to find out, and she really wishes she could just go back to being human.

Volume 2 – Dead Girls Don’t Cry

What really happened between Charlie and Rachel? Where did the Celestial and Miss Murder come from? What caused the tear in reality? Impact Day certainly wasn’t the start of the story, and if we’re going to find out what happens next, we need to know what happened first.