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Hello, and welcome to Impact Day. This is an ongoing, web-based sci-fi story that updates once a week.

There’s not a lot you need to know. It’s set in a world that starts off very much like our own. Then, a tear in the fabric of reality (at least that’s what we think happened) brings in a host of trouble. Superhumans, zombifying parasites, gang warfare gone out of control, and military occupation to try and keep it all in check.

ImpactDayArtFinalOur story starts with Sabrina, a young woman only just starting to come to terms with her identity. Suddenly in command of a strange and powerful ability, she’s only just begun to realise how much she’s capable of. Meanwhile, Rachel is on the run from the ex-girlfriend who tried to murder her, and struggling to understand her new-found ability to create.

RoxieFollowing Volume 1 is a 5 part interlude featuring Roxie, a reluctant Reaper who would really rather be doing anything else in the world.

Volume 2 (Dead Girls Don’t Cry) tells the story of the 1 year build up to Impact Day, and how the world turned upside down.

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